Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall-Our Favorite Time of Year

Our family loves the fall season of the East Coast! Coming from California, we never experienced the splendor of the colors and the crisp air. Since we have moved here we take an annual trip to the chocolate mecca of the world HERSHEY PARK-to experience "Hershey Park in the Dark". Sometimes we take this trip by ourselves, sometimes with friends and family, but it is definately a trip to take. This is how our annual fall pilgrimage goes: We head up to PA. Stop for lunch at one of the several local Cracker Barrels, with full bellies we then meander through York County.....stopping at fun places like Wolfgang Candy shop(free tour and chocolate), Harley Davision Factory ( your kids need to be a little older to get in here), up to Litiz for Wilburs Chocolate, Sturgis Pretzel Tour( oldest working pretzel factory in the country, where you can roll your own pretzel, and receive a certificate), through Intercourse(this is a name of a town) to sample relishes, veggies, jams at The Intercourse Canning Co., also a quick stop at the Intercourse Pretzel shop(you can roll your own pretzel there too), there is also a Longaberger accesories shop next door, and finally up to Hershey. We sometime do the theme park, sometimes we just do the free trick or treating, but it is always fun. The next day we spend wandering through the Amish country side, stopping at local farms for pumpkins, squash, baked goods, etc.... and then take our yearly pictures in the beautiful fall glory of the Pennsylvania countryside. If you are into covered bridges, you can stop at the Lancaster Visitor Center to get a guided map of the covered bridges in the area. They are wonderful backdrops for pictures. We are looking forward to our annual trip in a few weeks. We hope we have inspired some of you to want to take a trip of your own. Happy Fall! Here are some past pics of our trips.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Had a Great Trip

T got back from Germany with lots of stories, beautiful pictures, and a cold. Guess it can't all be perfect. The highlight of his trip was visiting "The fairytale castle" in Germany. I would masacare the name Neuschwanstien..something like that. He could spell it, but he is not around. They modeled the Disneyworld castle after it. Here are some pictures. KY Transplants-I have lots of chocolate for you...and even a Dark Chocolate Toblerone Bar. Let me know when you have a few minutes to drop by!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Collection So Far......

KY Transplants, in this picture is lots of chocolate. T has been collecting it so I can bribe you to come over and show me the advanced features of using the blog. Do we have any takers? T says he thinks he has enough to have a Chocolate feast with you.....I don't know. I told him to collect some more just in case.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Tim's Trip to far

Tim is on a 2 week travel duty to Germany. I use the word "duty" very loosely, as he is enjoying it immensely. The only down side is he has to attend meetings, and doesn't have enough time to sight see. Here is the view out of his first hotel window....I am thinking pretty nice. He got a kick out of the name of this hotel, it is called the"Bad" hotel. We are not quite sure, why such a lovely place would be called bad. It is a little cool and rainy there right now, we didn't think of that as it is so hot here, so Tim is wishing he had brought a jacket and some warmer clothes to sight- see in.

He has promised to bring home a varitey of goodies-gummi bears, Toblerone, and assorted chocolates.....who likes chocolate?Belgium?

We will post some more pictures when he gets back next week.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Found the Photo

Sorry R-couldn't resist. Here is the "black lip and teeth" picture from T's Over the Hill cake last year. I must say the photo doesn't do justice, to the color you really were. I think you had wiped some of it off.