Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall is in the Air

One of my favorite holidays is HALLOWEEN! I know this could cause a big theological debate, but for me it is harmless, spooky fun! As soon as the weather turns cooler, the girls and I look forward to setting out the Fall and Halloween decorations, in anticipation for our annual Halloween Sleepover Party. This has been a tradition we started, when we moved here 5 years ago, and one the girls always beg to keep, along with our annual pilgrimage to Hershey Park in the Dark (but that is another blog episode).
This year we made these cute little countdown to Halloween treat bags. Each girl will take turns taking a bag off the tree, starting on October 1 st and counting down to Halloween. Each bag has some treats in it to enjoy!

We had a lot of fun creating these!
We hung them on the tree in our family room
it gives it a festive look!

It's SOCCER Season

The Blue Lightnings

It's that time of year again for Soccer! This year we only have one brave daughter who decided to play the sport! The Oldest one is way to busy, and the Middle one, just doesn't care to run around a field chasing a ball!

Carlie is a great runner and enjoys the sport! Last game she

got shoved to the ground by a bigger girl, but popped right back up, and later on the side lines a team mate fell right on top of her-poor girl had some aches after that. The season has been off to a slaughter so far, but we are hopeful that they can turn that around!

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Re-done Laundry Room

As many of you know, as much as I love my house, there has been one room, that just was not thought about much by the house designer....The Laundry room. I finally came up with solution, to be able to separate out the clothes, and not have to wash on a daily basis, due to lack of space. Tim kindly lowered the shelf that the builder had installed (we added the cabinets) and now I have room to set some wonderful containers to hold the various categories of clothes. This small fix, has made me very happy to once again do the laundry!
I am still working on getting the front load washer/dryer in the beautiful color of red, or maybe mystic blue......ahhh one can dream. My dryer came with our house in Ridgecrest, and it must be at least 20 years old, that thing just won't die!

Our washing machine, is the only new laundry appliance I have ever had, and it is almost 13 years old! Who says they don't make things to last!!


On Sunday night, during an imprompty icecream party, for Carlie's Daddy's birthday, Carlie got an unexpected surprise! While having loads of fun chasing a ball around on the trampoline, with about 6 other girls, Carlie's chin connected with her friend's head, resulting in THIS. Carlie's front tooth, went right through her bottom lip, causing her to swell up to proportions-that did not allow for going to school on Monday. The doctor has put her on antibiotics, and we are happy to say, she looks much better!
A Tired and in Pain Little Girl