Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Farewell ...Hello

Tim had his farewell party at Outback today! It was great to see how much he was appreciated. Everyone had something kind to say and how much they appreciated his hard work! Congratulations Tim! We are proud of you...and know you will do a great job in your new position!

Valentines Day

Valentine's Day started out with a phone call at 5:45am, saying today was a snow day! Once told the girls all snuggled back into their beds for some extra hours of sleep! Later when they got up we had our yearly scavenger hunt to find their Valentine Presents. Since they were little girls we have always done a Valentine scavenger hunt, and it seems they still haven't out grown it!

Carlie's class had a party on Friday, so we brought in our chocolate fountain, which was a big hit!
Tim sent chocolate strawberries to us for Valentines, which were very much enjoyed!