Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ashley's 16th Birthday Party

This year for Ashley's 16th birthday, we wanted to do something different and fun. We started at 9 am, got all the girls in their shirts and headed off for Mt. Vernon Inn. We had had a great lunch, and were waited on by colonial waitressess. We then split into 2 teams, the Daffodils and the Daisies! We had a scavenger hunt, through the gift shops, searching for various clues. The Daisies won that hunt! We then went to Old Town Alexandria, and did a scavenger hunt looking for clues from the lives of John Carlyle and George Washington. The Daffodils won that hunt. All the girls received Starbuck gift cards as their prize. We then went for Smoothies, and shopping at Pentagon City Mall. After shopping, we got pizza and headed to Theodore Roosevelt Island for a picnic pizza. The girls had fun posing for pictures, and playing hide and seek. To finish off the day, we went to The Melting Pot for dessert. I had made a topsy turvy cake for Ashley's birthday, but the girls were to stuffed to touch it! All in all it was a Great Day! Ashley and her topsy turvy cake!
Dessert at The Melting Pot!

Theodore Roosevelt Island

Having Fun

Old Town Alexandria

Mt. Vernon Inn

Getting Ready to start our day!