Monday, June 23, 2008

Luau Slumber Party

Carlie had a Luau Slumber party for her 10th birthday this year.She invited the girls from her class and a few other close friends.
We took the girls to the pool on base to swim(or get them tired..ha ha), and then came back to the house for our luau feast. We played fun games like, walk across the hot lava, hula hoop race, limbo, and of course the wacking of the pinata. We then had volcano cake and icecream, and ventured inside to sleep(yeah right!)

It was a fun and memorable day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If you would like to leave Carlie a birthday wish, just click on the comment button below and post one!

Carlie is 10!

10 years ago on June 18th, our family was blest with a beautiful, small(compared to her sisters), bundle of joy! Carlie has been an energetic, happy, fun, caring, sweet girl for all of her 10 years. Being our youngest, we tend to still think of her as our baby, even though she tells us she is getting older. How could have 10 years gone by so quickly? DOUBLE DIGITS! I am still in shock. Carlie is terribly excited about this milestone in her life. I as a Mom am a little sad that she has to grow up.....

Here are 10 Things we love about Carlie:

1. She always says "I love you Mom" several times a day.
2. She is full of energy-if the energizer bunny is looking for a replacement, she is your girl!
3.She loves Jesus with all her heart!
4. She is a friend you want to have-she will take care of you and love you no matter what .
5. She is extremely talented on the Wii, Playstation, Nintendo DS...and competitive(must get that from her dad) .
6.She is a terribly picky eater..but with all her good qualities, we can overlook that.
7.She is musically talented..singing,piano,violin, dancing.
8.She truly cares about other people and their feelings.
9.She always has a smile on her face, even in the morning.
10. There is no one else on earth like her, and we are so glad she is ours!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Tim we all want you to know that we think you are a GREAT dad! You show such extreme patience with all your girls (and we know that can be hard), are willing to help with whatever or whenever, and still act like a kid at heart (especially when competing on the Wii or Playstation)! We love you and think you are the best!

Monday, June 9, 2008

It's A Sad Day.......

As many of you know, Carlie is a, shall we say, challenged ( um..picky) eater. We were thrilled this winter, when we could all go to Panera and eat together, usually Carlie requires a separate restaurant drive by. Carlie found out she LOVED Panera's Tomato Soup! It became her favorite restaurant! It was a SAD day last week, when we went and found the Tomato Soup has been removed for a Summer seasonal soup. Carlie just had bread that day. I told Panera they had broken my child's heart. We are hoping it returns this Fall!
Doesn't she look so happy!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Charter School Smith Island Adventure!

Carlie's 4/5th class got to go on a 3 day trip to Smith Island, an island in the Chesapeake Bay. While they were there, they got to learn all kind of things about the bay,crabs,marshes,and water. What a wonderful experience! Enjoy the pictures!

The Awakening

The National Harbor is finally some extent. They have brought in the sculpture "The Awakening". I had seen a movie years ago with this sculpture, and was excited to see that they had moved it to the National Harbor. The girls enjoyed climbing all over him.