Saturday, February 12, 2011

Graduation Day

Today is Graduation Day. Thanks to the age of technology I am able to still watch and feel a part of the commencement today, via live web cam. It has been a long road to finish up my teaching degree, but today I can say I have finished. It is a lifelong dream that I have had, since a small child to be a teacher. I have worked in that role all my life, whether as a Junior Kindergarten Teacher, Substitute Teacher or a Mom, but now I actually have the degree to back it up.

I now possess a few degrees....AA in Education from Crafton Hills College, BA in Liberal Arts from Cal State San Bernardino, and Post Baccalaureate Teacher Preparation Program-Elementary Education. I am hoping to be able to have my own classroom this Fall, which would be the culmination of all this hard work.

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KY Transplants said...

CONGRATS!! That is awesome!